Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage is the risk or liability that an individual or entity is covered by. Insurance cover – such as car insurance, dog insurance or home insurance – is issued by an insurance company in the event of unforeseen events. Some insurances apply with a maximum amount of compensation. To get a full view of what your insurance covers, you should always read your policies terms and conditions.

Damage protection

The protection can apply when someone has unauthorized broken into your home (burglary) and stolen your things and/or destroyed your apartment or house. Damage can also occur due to fire, water leak or other unforeseen events. Some home insurance may also cover damages of your belongings if you for example drop something to the floor, which is called all-risk insurance.

What is meant by full reimbursement?

When any form of insurance provides what is called full payment, full reimbursement or full coverage, it would mean that an object or property is insured to its full value without any limitation – compensating the full amount of cost to replace it in case of damage or loss. The claim needs to be covered by the insurance policy, and age deduction can still be used to correspond with an object's current value.


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