Property protection

Property protection is all protection of the policyholder's physical property. A property can be various objects that you own, such as movable belongings that you carry with you (ex. your mobile phone), furnishing (ex. your sofa) and buildings (ex. your apartment or house).

Damage protection of property

For example home insurance includes protection against property damage that arises through different events. There is often a difference in how its terms apply for owned, rented and borrowed property, as well as damages on others property.

The protection can apply when someone has unauthorized broken into your home and stolen your things and/or destroyed your apartment or house. Damage can also occur due to fire, water leak or other unforeseen events. Some home insurance may also cover damages of your belongings if you for example drop something to the floor, which is called all-risk insurance.

Warranty for a broken product

Warranty is an agreement, that the seller is responsible for repair, compensation, or refund of an item for a certain period of time. When buying consumer products in Sweden, products have a warranty that guarantees free repair of the product for a limited time from the purchase. Warranties differ depending on the seller and manufacturer.

If you have purchased a product that broke "by itself", without any sudden, involuntary and external event, you usually can’t get compensation from your insurance. But you can seek refund from the supplier’s warranty.

In addition to this, we in Sweden have protection through the Consumer Purchase Act. If a company has sold a product to a consumer that it later turns out to be wrong with, it is obliged to receive the consumer's complaint for 3 years from the date of purchase, regardless of the supplier's warranties.