Insured / policyholder

Being insured means having protection under an insurance policy that protects you when something should happen to you that is covered by this condition. You can be covered by an insurance by being the so called policyholder, or as a co-insured person in the policyholder's insurance.

You can be insured by various insurance products in Sweden, such as home insurance for rental apartment, condominium, house and students, as well as insurance for your car and pets.

Who is the insurer?

The insurer is the organization or company that is responsible for the insurance to the policyholder and is therefore also obliged to provide compensation in the event of a damage covered by the insurance terms. Hedvig is a Swedish insurance company that uses new technology to streamline and innovate in the insurance industry. Other insurers in Sweden are Folksam, If and Trygg-Hansa to name a few.

What is an Insurance Broker?

Insurance Broker is an insurance intermediary who represents the insured. They take out insurance on behalf of their clients and provide complete information about all their compensation from all insurance sources.

To accept an insurance agreement

Agreements between two or more parties have the following necessary characteristics: mutual consent, competent parties, a valid consideration and legal subject matter. Insurance is a form of agreement.

An insurance company accepts a risk when the essential parts of the insurance contract are known and approved by the parties. Even if a policy has not been issued, when the risk is "accepted" the insurer is obliged to pay a loss that arises covered by the terms of the coverage agreed.

What is a breach of contract?

A breach of contract is a material failure to fulfill its contractual obligations. Insurance usually does not cover debts that arise due to breach of contract. This can be, for example, deliberately damaging their property, which would violate against the insurance clause that deals with that subject in the contract.