Student discount on insurance

You are entitled to a student discount on Hedvig's home insurance if you are a student at a university, or similar post-secondary education, in Sweden and meet the requirements of study pace (at least half-time studies) and age (up to 30 years old) in accordance with our insurance terms.

In Sweden, there are several organizations that can verify that you are a student – and eligible for student discounts. The biggest ones are Stuk and Mecenat. If you are eligible, you can buy our home insurance with student discount.

Studenter vid en utsiktsplats i solnedgången

Living and becoming a grown-up in Sweden

Did you know that Scandinavians are the youngest in Europe when they move away from home. In our report “Scandinavian twenty-somethings”, you can read more living, owning and becoming a grown-up.

Scandinavian twenty-somethings