Accident Insurance

Compensation up to 1M SEK · No deductible

Accident insurance you and your family

Receive compensation for injuries and treatment if you or a family member get into an accident. The insurance applies 24/7, no matter where you are in the world.

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An additional safety net

Receive up to 1 million SEK in compensation for injuries and loss of work ability caused by accidents – a dependable addition to your home insurance.

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Comprehensive coverage for care expenses

Our accident insurance covers hospital stays, dental repairs, rehabilitation, and other expenses related to seeking treatment. Always without deductible.

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Extreme sports accidents covered

Enjoy mountain biking, off-piste skiing, or rock climbing? Our accident insurance provides all the protection you need. Read more about which sports are covered in our terms and conditions.

What accident insurance covers

What’s included

The insurance provides compensation for costs incurred as a result of an accident where the injury required medical treatment.

  • 01
    Medical care and prescribed aids for healing the injury
  • 02
    Travel to and from treatment
  • 03
    Clothes, glasses and helmet damaged in the accident
  • 04
    Compensation up to 20 000 SEK per claim
  • 05
    Costs within the Nordics are reimbursed

The insurance provides compensation for dental treatment costs incurred as a result of an accident that required treatment from a dentist.

  • 01
    Dental care costs
  • 02
    Costs within the Nordics are reimbursed
  • 03
    Compensation up to 20 000 SEK per claim

Reimbursement if you are admitted at the hospital overnight.

  • 01
    300 SEK per day
  • 02
    Up to 200 days for one claim

Scarring due to an injury that required medical treatment following an accident are reimbursed with a lump sum.

  • 01
    Scars or other change in appearance
  • 02
    Compensation is determined by your age and the location and size of the scar

You have the right to treatment at a leg. psychologist if you suffer a crisis reaction after: an accident, death of a near relative, assault, robbery, threat or rape.

  • 01
    Travel to and from treatment
  • 02
    Treatment should begin within one year of the event
  • 03
    Compensation up to 10 000 SEK per claim

If you suffer permanent injury after an accident (medical disability), you will receive compensation. The severity of the disability is assessed as a percentage according to the medical table system developed for the insurance industry. The compensation you receive is determined as a percentage of the insured amount.

  • 01
    Maximum total compensation (combined with Lost or reduced working capacity) is 1 000 000 SEK

If your working capacity is reduced by more than 50% after an accidental injury, the insurance can provide compensation. A prerequisite is that the accident also resulted in at least 5% medical disability and that the Swedish social insurance agency granted at least half sickness compensation. Compensation is given as a percentage of the insured amount corresponding to the lost ability to work.

  • 01
    Maximum total compensation (combined with Permanent injury) is 1 000 000 SEK

If you were to die as a result of an accident, a SEK 50,000 compensation will be paid from the accident insurance.

  • 01
    50 000 SEK compensation
  • Compensation
    Up to 1 million SEK for permanent injuries and loss of work ability caused by accidents.
  • Wide protection
    Covers hospital stays, dental injuries, rehabilitation, and other treatment costs.
  • Adventurous living
    An extra degree of protection if you enjoy mountain biking, off-piste skiing or rock climbing.
Terms and conditions
Important information about the insurance.
SE Accident Terms and Conditions pdfSE Accident IPID pdfScar Table pdf

Frequently asked questions

What else you might want to know about accident insurance.

If you or a family member is injured in an accident, Hedvig compensate you for hospital stays, rehabilitation, therapy, or dental procedures. The insurance also covers permanent injuries that affect your work and quality of life.

A total of four criteria must be met in order for an accidental injury claim to be approved under the insurance terms and conditions: bodily injury, caused by a sudden, involuntary and external event. This can mean that events sometimes referred to as accidents do not always constitute a claimable injury under the applicable insurance terms and conditions, in which case compensation cannot be paid.

Examples include overexertion, injuries due to repetitive movement, and strain injuries. Accident insurance also does not cover food poisoning, or injuries caused by infectious agents such as bacteria or viruses.

The accident insurance covers up to 6 people (regardless of age). Personal identity numbers are not needed for co-insured persons when you sign up. However, to become a member and sign up for insurance you need to be at least 18 years old and registered in the Swedish Population Register. You get to choose how many people the insurance covers when you add it in the app.

Sure! The accident insurance covers up to 6 people. Everyone who lives under the same roof is covered, without the hassle of paying several separate bills. Just choose how many people the insurance should cover when you add it in the app.

The insurance applies at all times, all over the world — with a few exceptions. For example, it does not cover hospital stays or dental injury expenses outside the Nordic countries if you are away for more than 12 months. However, our home insurance includes travel coverage for the first 45 days of a trip.

Keep in mind that the maximum total compensation is 1 million SEK. However, from the age of 46 the compensation is reduced with 50,000 SEK per year until the age of 65. After 65 there is no coverage for reduced working ability/financial disability or permanent injury/medical disability.

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