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    Accident Insurance

    Finally all Hedvig members can add accident insurance as a supplement to your home insurance that covers you and your family.

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    Extra coverage in case of an accident

    A supplement for the entire family

    Now you can add Hedvig's accident insurance as a supplement to your home insurance. It’s the ultimate cover for you and your family in case of an accident. Lots of injuries happen outside your home so the coverage applies to all co-insured, no matter what time or where you might find yourself at the moment.

    Comprehensive coverage

    It’s a no-deductible insurance that compensates you for hospital stays, dental injuries, rehabilitation, therapy and scarring among other things. But also covers more permanent injuries that affect your work and quality of life.

    Add it directly in the app

    Already a member and with home insurance at Hedvig? Just add the accident Insurance directly in the app. This is also where you choose how many people the insurance should cover.

    Coverage for Accidents Insurance

    Covers injuries for up to
    1 000 000 SEK
    Coverage for up to
    6 people
    No deductible
    Dental injuries is covered up to
    20 000 SEK
    Terms & Conditions
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    Extra coverage
    for an extreme life

    Hedvig has one of Swedens best coverages for you who are into action sports. The insurance protects you while mountain biking, skiing off-piste, climbing or bungee jumping to name a few sports. You can read more about which sports Hedvig insures in our terms & conditions.

    Already a member?

    The accident insurance will be activated immediately when you add it in the app and you pay with a small increase in your current monthly price. You can always chat with us in the Hedvig-app if you have any further questions.

    Frequently asked questions

    A supplement for the entire family

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