Dog Insurance

Up to SEK 160 000 · Unlimited vet calls

Insurance for your dog

Hedvig's dog insurance is designed to make life easy for both you and your dog. Get an extensive protection, digital veterinary calls and an annual health check-up. Always without binding time.

Dog with dog insurance at the entrance to a house.

Dog insurance with premium coverage

Covers care and treatment costs for your dog, including previously non-detected hidden faults. Compensation up to SEK 160 000 and fixed deductible from SEK 0.

The Hedvig app in mobile

Unlimited veterinary calls

Unlimited video calls with authorized veterinarians are always included. FirstVet has mapped all Swedish veterinary clinics and can refer your dog to the right clinic.

Easy and safe to insure your dog

Both puppies and older dogs are welcome. If you switch to Hedvig from an equivalent insurance, the protection applies from the first day, without a waiting period. An annual health check-up of your dog is also included.

Questions and answers

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about our dog insurance.

You can insure your puppy with us from the age of eight weeks. This is when the puppy can usually leave the breeder. For the insurance to take effect immediately, you need a veterinary certificate without remarks, which must not be older than 7 days from when you received the puppy from its breeder.

All dog breeds are welcome. The price of the insurance differs depending on the breed of dog, and may be higher for breeds that have a greater risk of complications. For a few breeds and crossbreeds, there are exceptions in certain parts of the insurance cover, for example when it comes to plastic surgery and childbirth complications. Read the insurance terms and conditions or contact us if you have any questions.

You sign your new insurance here on our site and enter your start date (the same day your old dog insurance expires). You need to notify your old insurance company that you want to cancel your insurance.

Remember that most insurance companies have a one-year binding time, so you need to sign up with Hedvig in time before that period ends. With Hedvig, you can cancel your dog insurance whenever you want without binding time.

If you switch to an equivalent insurance with Hedvig that you had before, your insurance applies from the first day, without a waiting period. Otherwise, you need to have a veterinary inspection for the insurance to cover illnesses for the first 6 months.

You can choose between different amounts for your fixed deductible. If you choose SEK 0 in fixed deductible, the monthly price of your insurance will be slightly higher than if you choose a higher deductible but you will be reimbursed at a higher level.

You only pay the fixed deductible once per insurance year. The variable deductible is based on the cost of each visit to the vet.

Our deductibles

  • Basic: SEK 0 or SEK 3 500 fixed + 25% variable

  • Standard: SEK 0 or SEK 2 500 fixed + 25% variable

  • Premium: SEK 0 or SEK 2 500 fixed + 15% variable

Your fixed deductible will be SEK 1 000 lower than what is shown above if you first book a digital veterinary call with FirstVet and are referred to a clinic. Unlimited calls with FirstVet are always included in our dog insurance.

The best way to start is usually with a digital veterinary call with FirstVet. It’s easy to book a video call in the Hedvig app, every day between 6 am and 2 am, regardless of where you are. During the video call, the veterinarian makes an assessment of your dog, and can refer the dog to the right care at a clinic, if necessary.

At most veterinary clinics, you can ask for so-called direct regulation of the dog's injury or problem. This means that Hedvig handles the contact with the clinic and pays the costs covered by your insurance, so that you don't have to spend money yourself. You only pay your deductible and costs that the insurance does not cover. Some clinics may charge a small fee to offer direct settlement.

Direct settlement is possible if the visit takes place on a weekday between 9 am to 4 pm, otherwise you pay for your visit directly on site or via invoice and report it to Hedvig through the app afterwards.

The dog insurance covers veterinary costs abroad up to SEK 5 000 per year and additional costs up to SEK 7 000 per year if your dog is injured and you cannot travel home as planned. It applies in all EU countries, Norway, Great Britain and Switzerland for up to one year per trip.

Standard and Premium cover treatments for dental damage caused by accidents and dental care required as a result of the dental disease TR/FORL.

In addition to healthcare costs, medicine and treatment, you can receive compensation for rehabilitation and special feed prescribed by a veterinarian. Applies with different insurance amounts if you have Standard or Premium. See our insurance terms and conditions higher up on the page.

Does your dog bark too much or misbehave? Our Premium insurance includes behavioral therapy once per insurance year. The counseling takes place via video call with FirstVet's pet psychologists.

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