Place of residence

Place of residence is the location where a person resides essentially. In other words, it is where you are living and defines your home address. It could also be the address for a temporary residence if you for example work, study or are on holiday abroad. The term "place of residence" can, for example, be used in the policy letter of a home insurance.

Housing types in Sweden related to insurance

Your home or accommodation can be an apartment, a house or room in which one or more people live. For the purpose of insurance, they are categorized on the basis of the form of tenancy: rental, condominium, resident, owner-occupied apartment, and own home such as house.


Apartment is a housing type. Today, there are two different forms of letting apartments in Sweden: tenancies and condominiums, which require home insurance with different coverage depending on if you rent or own the apartment. You can also sublet an apartment from a private person.


A house can be defined as a standalone villa, cabin or terraced house (several buildings connected). In order to require a house insurance, the policyholder should own the house, while some houses can be part of a condominium cooperative.