Legal information

Hedvig AB, org. no. 559093-0334, with registered address Tulegatan 2A, SE-113 58 Stockholm, is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority as a distributor of insurance in accordance with the Swedish Insurance Distribution Act (2018:1219). Hedvig AB is registered as an insurance distributor at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and provides insurance on the Swedish market on behalf of Hedvig Försäkring AB och Eir Försäkring AB.

Distribution of insurances

Hedvig AB is registered as an insurance distributor with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The registration covers all non-life insurance classes. You can control it through the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Upon request, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority must inform you whether an employee of Hedvig AB has the right to distribute insurance and what kind of insurance the right applies to. Malin Allqvie is responsible for Hedvig AB's insurance distribution.

You can control the authorisation of Hedvig AB, Hedvig Försäkring AB and Eir Försäkring AB with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Hedvig AB does not provide advice based on an impartial and personal analysis referred to in the Insurance Distribution Act (2018:1219).

Hedvig AB has its liability insurance with QBE Insurance (Europe) Ltd., UK branch Sweden. See at the bottom of the page for contact details. The Swedish Insurance Contracts Act (2005:104) applies to our insurance contracts. By taking out insurance with Hedvig, you agree that information regarding the insurance and Hedvig AB is only provided in digital form. If you wish the information in a form other than digital, just email or contact Hedvig AB directly in your app.

The insurer for Hedvig AB's insurance is Hedvig Försäkring AB, org. no. 559245-5223, Tulegatan 2A, 113 58 Stockholm and Eir Försäkring AB, org. no. 559166-0617. Hedvig Försäkring AB and Eir Försäkring are insurers for all insurances distributed by Hedvig AB.

Hedvig AB receives compensation from Hedvig Försäkring AB based on the total premium volume and not the technical results of the insurance business. Hedvig AB receives compensation from Eir Försäkring AB based on the technical results of the insurance business. Neither Hedvig Försäkring AB, Eir Försäkring AB nor any other insurance company has a qualified holding in Hedvig AB.

Hedvig Försäkring AB and Eir Försäkring AB are under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority as insurance companies and are registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office as insurance companies. Hedvig AB, Hedvig Försäkring AB and Eir Försäkring AB are subject to, regarding advertising and marketing, the Swedish Consumer Agency's supervision. Hedvig AB and Eir Försäkring AB are under the supervision of the Swedish Privacy Authority in relation to the data protection area.

General Information

A claim must be brought against Hedvig or QBE within three years after knowledge that the claim could be made and in any case within 10 years from the time the claim at first in fact could be made. The maximum compensation that can be paid for a single damage is EUR 1,250,618. In one year, compensation for damages may amount to a maximum of EUR 2,501,236.


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Use of cookies

To give you, as a Hedvig user, the best possible experience we use cookies on this website and similar technologies in our apps. Also, third-party cookies may be used in cases where we use external services to improve the product. Hedvig uses two types of cookies. We use session-based cookies which disappear as soon as you close your browser as well as more persistent cookies for certain purposes.

The purpose of cookies

The main purpose of Hedvig's use of cookies is to improve the services we offer. We use cookies to manage logins and increase the security for our users, to analyze users and user behavior anonymously to know which parts of the service we should improve, to analyze how our mailings work and that we send information that you as a user appreciate, as well as to remember settings and other choices that you make on our websites.

Manage your cookies

If you do not want us to use cookies, you can easily change your cookie settings here. You can also change your settings in your browser to prevent Hedvig and others from registering cookies on your computer. However, such settings may mean that some features of most websites will not work. If you wish, in most browser settings you can choose to just turn off tracking, which means that Hedvig does not merge data from our own and, where applicable, our partners' websites. To do the same on your phone you can for iOS, under privacy and advertising settings, choose to limit tracking. For Androids, you do this under Google settings and ads.

Read more about how Hedvig handles personal data.

If you are not satisfied

If you have a general complaint, contact Hedvig directly through your app or send an email to The person responsible for complaints are Robert Collin and Claire Mitsell. Complaints received will be dealt with urgently and carefully.


Box 7821, 103 97 Stockholm
T: 08-408 980 00

851 81 Sundsvall
T: 0771-670 670

Hedvig Försäkring AB
Tulegatan 2A, SE-113 58 Stockholm
T: 010-45 99 200
Org. nr. 559245-5223

Eir Försäkring AB
Box 3132, 103 62 Stockholm
Org. nr. 559166-0617

HDI Global Specialty SE, Sverige Filial
Hantverkargatan 25, Box 22085, 104 22 Stockholm
T: 08-617 54 00

QBE Insurance (Europe) Ltd., UK, Sverige Filial
Sveavägen 13, 111 57 Stockholm
T: 08-587 514 00

Box 48, 651 02 Karlstad
T: 0771-42 33 00

Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm

Other ways for counselling and trial

Konsumenternas Försäkringsbyrå

The Consumer Insurance Agency provides individuals with independent and free guidance on pension, insurance and claims management, but does not try disputes.

Konsumenternas Försäkringsbyrå
Box 24215, 104 51 Stockholm
T: 0200-22 58 00

Hallå Konsument

You can also contact the Swedish Consumer Agency and their information service Hello Consumer, or the municipal consumer guidance for advice and help. To see what your municipality offers, see your municipality's website.

Hallå Konsument
Box 48, 651 02 Karlstad
T: 0771-525 525

Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden

If you are a private person, you have the opportunity to make a report to the General Complaints Board (ARN). ARN will hear disputes between companies and private individuals free of charge after the company has taken a final position, given that the dispute concerns more than SEK 2 000.

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