In the event of a claim report to the insurance company, the claim for compensation is what you report. That is, what was damaged, receipts for this so the insurance company can estimate the current value of what was damaged.

An insurance claim is a request from the policyholder to an insurance company for compensation after a loss, accident or other event. The insurance company then validates the claim and decides whether the claim is approved or denied. If approved, the insurance company will issue payment to the insured, co-insured or an approved stakeholder on behalf of the insured.

Insurance claims are easily made in the Hedvig app by voice recording explaining what has happened.

What is claims management?

Claims management is made at insurance companies by claims adjusters. The job of these people is to evaluate whether the damage is covered by the insurance condition and whether people with the insurance who have made a claim are entitled to compensation.

Assessment of claim

Assessment is the process carried out by a claims adjuster at the time of an injury. What the person then does is evaluate the damage report that has been made.

Circumstance of claim

Circumstance is a term used in certain policies that make claims as an alternative to the event. A provision on notification of circumstances is included in certain claims made to claim coverage for events that may give rise to a claim, as long as the circumstance is communicated to the insurer during the insurance period.