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    Insurance you long to use

    Get personal help at a better price.
    Let our home insurance exceed your expectations.

    Why Hedvig?

    Personal service team

    Our service team helps you with being ok with your life, no matter what happens to you.

    Easy claims process

    Record your claim directly in the Hedvig app and get immediate compensation for the simplest claims. No paperwork, no queues, no call centers.

    10x satisfied customers

    When we trust our members, they trust us. The result is an insurance company they are 10 times more likely to recommend than other insurance companies.

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    How our service works

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    Every 10 minutes someone gets Hedvig

    Hedvig insures thousands of members and their homes
    to a total value of over 32 billion SEK.

    Actually, I would not receive compensation for my stolen bike, but you fixed it anyway!

    – Matilda

    My boyfriend got sick when I was on holiday, Hedvig flew me home and also kept in touch with the hospital.

    – Cecilia

    10/10! You deliver the service the customer pays for, without hassle. Too good to be true is the feeling. Nice work!

    – Tom

    Personal service

    Your insurance, your coverage, and payment details in one place. Record your claim, chat with our service team, and get help immediately. Always in the Hedvig app.

    Same coverage to a better price

    Comprehensive coverage for you, your home and your belongings.

    Homeowners Insurance


    Sweden’s only home insurance that’s non-binding.

    The industry’s most generous compensation for electronics

    All-risk coverage included at no extra cost in all our insurance policies

    Tell others about Hedvig and lower your premium

    When someone signs up with Hedvig with your link or code, you both receive a 10 kr discount on your monthly payment. This means that if you invite enough friends, you can get free home insurance for life.

    How we are different

    The most significant difference is that we eliminated the temptation of holding on to your money instead of paying it back out. For ourselves, we take only a fixed fee of your monthly premium, and the rest of the money is earmarked for paying out claims. That’s why you can be compensated immediately, and why we have no reason to question your story. Because we can never earn more from paying out less.

    About us

    Do you already have an insurance?

    If you want to switch to Hedvig we will make sure to make it easy for you. Just specify which insurance company you have today and choose a starting date for you new insurance.