House Insurance

Insure your house at its full value

A modern house insurance

With our house insurance, personal help is only a click away if anything happens to your property. You, your family, and your belongings all enjoy the same degree of protection.

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Large damages and small misfortunes

Water leaks, burglaries, pests — our house insurance covers both major and minor incidents in your house or on its plot. The built-in all-risk insurance protects your things, in and out of your home.

Your house insured at its full value

Full-value insurance is always included. This means that you can have a new house built if your home gets destroyed.

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House insurance without paperwork

Dishwasher leaking? Tree fell on your house? With Hedvig you’ll get help quickly. Just file the claim right in the app, and your service team will take it from there.

Do you have a question?

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

The coverage for your house is unlimited and your personal belongings are insured up to 1,5 million SEK.

You price is calculated based on a couple of different factors, for example how you live, where you live and how many you live with.

Hedvig covers you and the people you live with, given they're listed in your insurance policy.

Hedvig’s house insurance covers your belongings — such as iPads, furniture and glasses — in case they are damaged or broken. If your child should lose or break a precious object, rest assured that we’ll reimburse you. The baked-in liability insurance applies to damage to other people’s property, regardless of who in your family caused the damage.

It's easy! When you get Hedvig, you can just tell us which insurance company you have today, and we can help you switch. This means that we cancel your old insurance and activates your new one on the same day.

To keep the price down, we have opted out of certain protection — such as boathouses, hot tubs, and leakage caused by waterbeds. In this way we ensure that you only pay for protection that you actually need.

There’s no such thing! Hedvig offers Sweden's only house and home insurance without any binding time. Cancel at any time.

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