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    House insurance

    An insurance for you, your family, your house and your things. Switching to our house insurance couldn’t be easier. No phone calls, no paperwork — just leave it to us.

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    A modern and generous house insurance

    Enjoy the freedom of living in a house, without worrying about what can go wrong. This comprehensive insurance covers your house and all its contents — including inhabitants.

    Covers water damage, burglary, and pests

    Unfortunate, unforeseen events are no cause for alarm when you have Hedvig by your side.

    Replaces destroyed residences

    Full value insurance is always included. This means that you can have a new house rebuilt, should your current one burn down.

    House and home insurance rolled into one

    Complete protection for all your buildings. This applies to both your movable property and real estate, including countertops and floors.

    House insurance coverage

    Your house is insured with
    Full value protection
    Your stuff is covered for up to
    1,500,000 SEK
    1,500 SEK
    Travel insurance
    45 days per trip
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    Frequently asked questions

    Minor accidents are also covered

    Hedvig’s house insurance covers your belongings — such as iPads, furniture and glasses — in case they are damaged or broken. If your child should lose or break a precious object, rest assured that we’ll reimburse you. The baked-in liability insurance applies to damage to other people’s property, regardless of who in your family caused the damage.

    An insurance policy tailored to your actual needs

    We developed our house insurance for those who are going to buy or have just bought their first house. To keep the price down, we have opted out of certain protection — such as boathouses, hot tubs, and leakage caused by waterbeds. In this way we ensure that you only pay for protection that you actually need.

    Add accident insurance

    Accident insurance has a broad coverage including therapy, rehabilitation, dental injuries and permanent injury. You can add accident insurance when taking a quote on our website or in our app. Protecting up to six persons, 24/7 and worldwide.

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