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    House insurance

    An insurance for you, your family, your house and your things, regardless of whether you have just bought a new villa, or are about to move into your dream house. Switching to our house insurance couldn’t be easier. No phone calls, no paperwork. We take care of everything.

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    A modern and generous house insurance

    With our house insurance, you can enjoy the freedom that comes with living in a house and creating a safe home. The protection applies to the whole family and covers your house and all your things in it.

    Water damage, burglary or pests

    Unexpected events happens to anyone, but its nothing to worry about with our house insurance. Talk with us if you have any questions.

    Help if your house should burn down

    Full value insurance is always included. This means that you can have a new house rebuilt if your villa would burn down. Your very own service team will help you.

    A combined House and Home Insurance

    A protection for all buildings is included in the insurance policy. It applies to both your things and real estate, such as countertops or floors.

    Coverage for house insurance

    Your stuff is covered for up to
    1 500 000 SEK
    1 500 SEK
    Travel insurance
    45 days per trip
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    Trustpilot rating: Excellent

    Hedvig has an ‘Excellent’ rating from Trustpilot with 4,8/5 stars based on 1000+ reviews.

    iOS app rating: 4,7/5 stars

    Based on 1000+ reviews, Hedvig might be the best insurance app people have ever used.

    Claims rating: 4,7/5 stars

    Based on 3500+ reviews written by our customers after filing a claim.

    Common asked questions

    Minor accidents are also covered

    Hedvig’s house insurance covers your things, such as iPads, furniture and glasses, in case they are damaged or broken. If your child would lose or sit down on a precious thing, rest assured that we’ll reimburse you. Liability insurance is included and applies on damage to other people's stuff and property, regardless of who in the family caused the damage.

    An insurance policy tailored to your actual needs

    We developed our house insurance for you who are going to buy or have just bought your first house. To keep the price down, we have opted out of certain protection - such as your boathouse, your whirlpool or leakage caused by a waterbed. This way you avoid unnecessary protection and can reduce your insurance costs.

    Add accident insurance

    Accident insurance has a broad coverage including therapy, rehabilitation, dental injuries and permanent injury. You can add accident insurance when taking a quote on our website or in our app. Protecting up to six persons, 24/7 and worldwide.

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