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    Rental home insurance

    Hedvig’s home insurance for rental apartments covers you, your family and your stuff at home and when traveling. Including all-risk insurance covering things broken through sudden and unforeseen events. And completely without lock-in period.

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    A feature-rich insurance at a fair price

    Water damage in rental apartment

    Rental apartment insurance covers you for different types of water accidents. For example if your belongings get damaged in case of a water leak.

    Help in case of dispute with landlord

    If the landlord demands money for something you have not done, we can help you with arranging lawyers. We will be on your side in case of struggle with the landlord.

    Insurance if you drop your phone

    Hedvig has a cover for all types of accidents. For example if you drop your phone, computer or if your bike gets stolen. The standard deductible is only 1.500 SEK.

    Coverage for rental apartment insurance

    Your stuff is covered for up to
    1 000 000 SEK
    1 500 SEK
    Travel insurance
    45 days per trip
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    Trustpilot rating: Excellent

    Hedvig has an ‘Excellent’ rating from Trustpilot with 4,8/5 stars based on 1000+ reviews.

    iOS app rating: 4,7/5 stars

    Based on 1000+ reviews, Hedvig might be the best insurance app people have ever used.

    Claims rating: 4,7/5 stars

    Based on 3500+ reviews written by our customers after filing a claim.

    5 most frequently asked questions

    Add accident insurance as a supplement to your rental insurance

    Accident insurance includes coverage for therapy, rehabilitation, dental injuries and permanent injury. One policy protects up to six people, 24/7, worldwide. You can add accident insurance when taking a quote on our website or in our app.

    Beauty products are now included in our home insurance

    Hedvig offers the first home insurance in Sweden that covers your beauty products. If they get stolen or damaged through an accident, the amount is based on when you bought the products. If you bought them within the last 6 months you will get 80% back.

    Easily change your address in the Hedvig app

    Planning to move? Change your address directly in our app and your new address will be valid immediately. (Your old address will be covered for 30 days after changing your address.)

    Get covered in minutes

    Monthly subscription. Pay by credit card. Cancel anytime.

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