Homeowner Insurance

Condominium coverage and all-risk included

Insurance for homeowners

Plenty of protection for you, your stuff, and your home. This home insurance covers things related to owning an apartment. The included all-risk insurance provides additional safety.

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Affordable home insurance with no lock-in period

This home insurance protects you and your belongings, at home and abroad. Your apartment is insured at its full value, and the included all-risk insurance adds an extra layer of protection for the stuff in it.

Hylla med prydnader i en bostadsrätt.

Condominium coverage for your apartment

The included housing supplement (bostadsrättstillägg) provides necessary protection in the event of a water leak. The supplement covers hardwood floors, walls, sinks, and kitchen counters.

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No paperwork. No waiting on hold

Handle everything right in the app. File a claim and get support from your service team. No extensive forms to fill out, no call centers.

Do you have a question?

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

When owning an apartment, it’s important to have an insurance that covers the actual apartment, not just the belongings inside it. In Sweden, the insurance term for this is “bostadsrättstillägg”. Hedvig can compensate you for costs to repair damage to your apartment and fixed furnishings. In this way, there is no compensation cap.

It’s easy! When you sign up for Hedvig, select that you want to do an automatic switch and simply tell us which company you are insured with today, and we’ll take care of the switch for you.

The coverage for your home is unlimited. Your personal belongings are insured up to 1 million SEK.

In almost all cases, the deductible is 1,750 SEK. However, for legal protection it is 25% of the total cost (but no less than 1,750 SEK). For emergencies abroad, crisis and assault compensation, the deductible is 0 SEK.

Yes, all-risk is always included in Hedvig’s home insurance.

Our homeowner insurance lets you rest easy at home as well as abroad. The included travel insurance compensates cost related to an accident, acute illness, acute dental problems, if you end up in an emergency situation during travel or if you are forced to cancel the trip due to a close person or a fellow traveler has died or become seriously ill or injured.

You’ll get help no matter where in the world you are, except for areas the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against traveling to.

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