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Insurance for a nicer world

Simple. Smart. Wonderful. Insurance like nothing you have ever seen before – all in your pocket available twenty-four-seven. The Hedvig App makes it joyful to get help in seconds and paid in minutes. Sweet.

"Young people are used to using their wallet as power. Now customers can join and decide on what charities will get the surplus."

"Swedes needed a new insurance company."

"Digitizes the dinosaur-like insurance industry. The service automates insurance terms, allows users to report damage in an app and get money right away."

By changing business model we change lives.

We don’t want to keep your money. It either goes back to you or your chosen charity. We take a flat fee for our services, take care of our members and if there’s anything left we help the world.

Simple, sweet, Hedvig!

Always there for you

Things usually go wrong when you least expect it. That’s why we’re here for you whenever you might need us. Day or night. All year round. We’re always just a tap away.

Half human – half amazing

With a few taps, Hedvig gets to know you and designs the perfect insurance for you and your home. And when you actually need us, filing a claim and getting paid is quick and hassle-free.

We’re only just getting started.

We’re constantly adding new features and services to our app. When was the last time your traditional insurer did that? Just in the past few months, we’ve made filing claims and getting paid 30% faster.

No bullshit.

By removing paperwork, tiring phone queues and CEO bonuses, we can always give you a fair price to protect you, your home and your gadgets.

Loved by more than 10 000 members

Our secret is simple: people don’t like outdated money- grubbing companies that treat them like crap. This is why we donate to charities and obsess about our members. Why we treat them as kings and queens – the sparkle in their eyes is what makes our world go round. Don’t trust us - trust them.

Fredrik W – 5 Jun, 2019

"Super-friendly support and never before experienced easier ways to report a claim. The whole case took me 15 minutes efficiently during a morning for my broken computer to be paid out."

Jacob G – 2 Jun, 2019

"Incredibly easy to use & sign with as a student. No hassle ever and incredibly nice chat support, which actually feels modern. In case of something happening to you, you were treated incredibly well and everything was handled well, whatever you are used to."

My – 28 May, 2019

"Never been so nicely handled, or had such a smooth claim fixed! Got called up by Kalle, who laughed at my bad jokes and was simply a roughly lovely person. Will never stop using with Hedvig."

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Backed by a global insurance giant

Our insurance is secured by one of the world's largest insurance groups with a balance sheet of more than SEK 600 billion. We've got your back.

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