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An incredible home insurance

Everything you expect from your insurance.
And everything you do not expect from an insurance company.

Radically better home insurance for 20% less

Get help lightning fast

No phone qeues, no call centers. Hedvig's app is a smart, friendly and amazing friend who always helps you.

Remarkable service

Our expert team answers questions and pay out claims in minutes.

Save 20% – switch to us

Remarkable service and coverage – for 20% less. Completely free from binding contracts.


One app to manage it all

With our app you can sign up and get a personalised insurance for your home yourself and your family. All in a few minutes. And when you need us, you get help even faster.

Nice insurance for a nicer world

Insurance was invented hundreds of years ago by people with a common need for help. They combined their resources to help each other if something went wrong. Simple and lovely.

But that was then. Today, insurance is dominated by large, anonymous companies. They make it incredibly difficult to get help. They know that the slower they are, the more likely it is that you will get tired and stop asking for help.

We started Hedvig to put an end to that. And to create a wonderfully nice insurance that puts people first.

Hedvig does charge a service fee, but we can never take more than that. Instead, the money goes to pay out claims, and if there is a little bit left at the end of the year it’s donated to charity.

Today, more than 15,000 Swedes protect their homes and things with Hedvig - and we have just begun.

You make us blush

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Sweden's 4 largest insurance companies

Switch to Hedvig

In December, people switched to Hedvig from the following insurance companies. It is easy to switch to us and you can do it right here on our website. Don't worry about binding contracts with your current insurer, you can change anyway, every day of the week.

We have your back and a global giant has ours

Hedvig is backed by HDI, part of one of the world's largest insurance groups - good for more than SEK 600 billion.

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Home insurance designed for the modern world to protect you, your home and your gadgets.