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    Home Insurance

    Swedens most popular home insurance. Get personal help at a better price.
    Let our home insurance exceed your expectations.

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    Home insurance you
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    Hedvig is a new approach to insurance. It’s about freedom and being ok with your life, no matter what happens to you. We help you let go of the reality you planned, to find the one that’s waiting for you.

    We have designed an insurance experience based on how people actually want to be treated, we have rewritten the insurance terms to make them easier to understand, and we have redefined how an insurance company makes money.

    On this page, you'll find all home insurance products Hedvig offers.



    Comprehensive protection for you, your apartment and your stuff. Bostadsrättstillägg is always included.


    Comprehensive coverage for you and your belongings whether the contract is in your name or you rent secondhand.

    House & Villa

    Your home is insured up to its full value as well as all the buildings included in your policy.


    Sweden’s most popular home insurance for students. All the protection you need for only 79 kr/month.

    What would an insurance company look like if it was built today?

    Insurance companies are hard to love. Nevertheless, insurance is something most people agree is a must-have. So we gave ourselves the task of providing not only coverage, but also an insurance company that can be loved. Or at least liked. A bit.

    Under the hood Under the hood The most significant difference is that we eliminated the temptation of holding on to your money instead of paying it back out. For ourselves, we take only a fixed fee of your monthly premium, and the rest of the money is earmarked for paying out claims. That’s why you can be compensated immediately, and why we have no reason to question your story. Because we can never earn more from paying out less.

    And if there is money left over? Even if there is money left in our pocket at the end of the year, Hedvig can't take it. Instead, we donate everything to charity. As a member, you decide where your part should go!


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    Most asked questions on our home insurance in Sweden

    Do you already have an insurance?

    If you want to switch to Hedvig we will make sure to make it easy for you. Just specify which insurance company you have today and choose a starting date for you new insurance.