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    Terms & Conditions

    Hedvig's referral program

    Since you have ended up here, you are probably wondering how Hedvig's referral program works. Here it goes:

    1. When you invite someone to Hedvig, you will receive a discount on your monthly premium amounting to the amount shown in the "Invite your friends" section of Hedvig's app. The person you invite will receive the corresponding discount from the time their insurance is activated.

    2. For the discount be activated, the recipient of your invite must complete the creation of his account and the underlying insurance with Hedvig by signing with BankID or another signature method that Hedvig accepts.

    3. As an inviter, your monthly discount applies as long as the recipient of your invite continues to have an active and paid insurance with Hedvig.

    4. As a recipient of an invite, your monthly discount applies as long as the person who sent the invite to you continues to have an active and paid insurance with Hedvig.

    5. The discount starts to apply on the next date of your monthly billing on the month your insurance is first activated and you start being charged.

    6. Changes in your monthly cost as a result of Hedvig's issue of monthly discounts or withdrawals of monthly discounts (for example, because your friend terminates his insurance with Hedvig or for any other reason) does not affect your underlying risk premium.

    7. It is prohibited to market a personal discount code to other people, where it is unclear who will benefit from this code.

    8. By using Hedvig's referral program, you agree to be bound by these terms. Hedvig reserves the right to change these terms or conditions of the referral program, including terminating or pausing it.