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    Travel coverage

    When buying a trip abroad you usually get offered to add travel insurance, usually to include cancellation compensation. But what many people don't know is that you in Sweden have a lot of things covered in your home insurance.

    The home insurance's travel protection applies if you suffer an accident, acute illness, acute dental problems, if you end up in an emergency while traveling or if you are forced to cancel a trip due to the death of a close relative or becoming seriously ill or injured. The first day of illness is the day of the first doctor's visit.

    The insurance covers you as a private individual; i.e. it does not cover any of the above situations if they occur whilst you are on a business trip, working or performing any other activities with the intention of earning money during a personal trip. You are covered by the insurance for the first 45 days of your trip, which must be outside of Sweden or intended to last for at least 48 hours. The trip is considered to have started once you leave the insured property and to last until you arrive home again. The point of departure must be located in the Nordic region.

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