Travel coverage

When buying a trip abroad you often get offered to add travel insurance. But what many people in Sweden don't know is that you have a lot of things covered in your home insurance. Here you can read more about what’s included and how the travel coverage applies.

Included in your travel coverage

The home insurance's travel protection applies if you suffer an accident, acute illness, acute dental problems, if you end up in an emergency while traveling or if you are forced to cancel a trip due to the death of a close relative or becoming seriously ill or injured. The first day of illness is the day of the first doctor's visit.

The insurance covers you as a private individual; i.e. it does not cover any of the above situations if they occur whilst you are on a business trip, working or performing any other activities with the intention of earning money during a personal trip.

You are covered by the insurance for the first 45 days of your trip, which must be outside of Sweden or intended to last for at least 48 hours. The trip is considered to have started once you leave the insured property and to last until you arrive home again. The point of departure must be located in the Nordic region.

Medical expenses

You will be compensated for necessary and reasonable expenses incurred during the trip (i.e. not after return to your home country) associated with urgent medical care, hospital care, treatment, aids and local travel for care and treatment, if prescribed by a competent doctor.

Note! In order to be covered for accidental injuries outside of travel, you need sign a separate accident insurance. It applies anywhere, around the clock.

Additional expenses associated with return journey or continued travel

If a doctor recommends, in writing, that you or your travel companion should return home at a different time or by other means than planned, or that you should not continue a pre-booked and paid-for trip, you will be compensated for necessary and reasonable additional expenses associated with your return journey or with re-joining the continued trip at a later date.

Cost of repatriating deceased individuals and funeral costs

In event of death, the insurance will cover the cost of repatriation of the deceased to the deceased’s home locality in Sweden and additional expenses associated with the return travel of travel companions covered by this insurance policy. When a death occurs abroad, compensation may be granted for burial or cremation locally instead of repatriation.

Travel expenses for relatives visiting seriously ill travelers

If a doctor deems that your injury or illness is life-threatening, we will cover necessary and reasonable expenses associated with no more than two relatives travelling from and back to their home locality in Sweden, including additional accommodation expenses.

Additional accommodation expenses

If a doctor recommends, in writing, that you or your travel companion should change the planned accommodation arrangements or stay away for longer than planned, we will cover additional expenses for accommodation for up to 45 days from the first doctor’s appointment.

When something serious has happened at home

If you are forced to cut a trip short you will be compensated for necessary and reasonable additional expenses associated with your return to your home locality. The trip must be authorized by Hedvig ahead of time. Compensation is awarded only if the return journey is necessary. The insurance does not cover the cost of return to the location where the trip was cut short.

Unused travel expenses

If a qualified doctor at the destination certifies that you have had such an injury or illness that you have been prescribed bed rest indoors, the insurance will reimburse you for unused travel costs. This also applies if you need to travel home to a relative who has become seriously ill or past away.