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    The Fun Fund

    Post a video of you and your friends having a blast – and win a 10K cash prize. School is a lot more than studying. It’s about being young, carefree, and create memories that lasts longer than a semester. Instead of rewarding best grades, we want to reward the funniest times.

    How it works

    1. Post the video

    Post the video on Instagram and tag us. Please notice that we will not be able to see your video if your account is set to private.

    2. Send us a DM

    Send us a DM with your name and what school you’re attending.

    3. Finalists and winners will be announced

    Finalists will be announced on our Instagram, before revealing the winner. The competition closes 24th of February 2023

    Participate here

    I don’t think the exams will be the long-lasting memories from this period of life. The wild part will, though.

    – Patrick Jensen