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Get free home insurance. Yes, 0. Nada.

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How it works

We love our members, so we reward them

Traditional insurance companies reward you with bad service and ever-increasing prices. We think it’s nicer to be nice, so we lower your costs instead.

Spread Hedvig and lower your price

When someone signs up through your link or your code both get a 10 kr discount on your monthly fee. When enough people have joined, your price goes down to 0 kr. It’s magic, and 100% good for all.

Finally, you’ll reach 0 kr/month

Keep track of your progress getting there in the Hedvig-app. We’ll ping you when your price drops. This could be the best moment in Swedish history. Get Hedvig, get going.


Let’s change the world together

When you help us grow you also support our vision of creating Nice Insurance for a Nicer World. Everyone is welcome to join. First time you getinsurance? No stress, we’ll protect you. Breaking up with your old insurer to join us? Great, we’ll fix that too. We believe in love, transparency and being kind, not hate, old-school tricks and being evil. More than 10,000 Swedes already have Hedvig, and it’s dead easy to join. This could be the best thing that has happened to insurance, ever.

Nice insurance is waiting for you ...

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