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    Open positions

    No one: I want to work with insurance

    But yet you found your way here. We’ve been working hard since the very beginning to change an industry that is hard to love – to something at least likeable. At Hedvig we believe the only way to do so is to work with loveable people.

    Never been there,
    haven’t done that

    At Hedvig we’re constantly striving to do what the competitors can’t do. In order to accomplish that, we’re always on the look out for people willing to challenge the status quo.

    Working here, we believe that you are passionate about being pro-active and taking ownership to reach our common goals. Of course while being backed by all the competence that is the rest of us.

    Expectations, expectations, expectations

    To us – culture is not a few empty words on a piece of paper. Rather, it’s incorporated in everything we do. But we do have some key things to hold on to when the weather is stormy. This is what we expect from you – but even more importantly – what you always can expect from Hedvig →

    Empathy and trust We assume good intentions and put ourselves in others’ shoes. We work openly and honestly, talking to each other – not about each other.

    Collective thinking We encourage productive conflict, look actively for other perspectives and don’t let our ego get in the way for the best way forward.

    Ownership We are pro-active and responsible grown-ups. As owners of Hedvig, we see what needs to be done and do it, regardless of role or title.

    Remarkableness We cannot change an entire industry by being ordinary. What we do will never be mediocre. It might be bold, impossible, crazy. But it will always leave a mark.

    To get to work with the extremely talented creatives hired before me really was the selling point. And of course – the opportunity to shape what hopefully becomes a world wide phenomenon.
    – Sofia Gustafsson, Art Director

    Insurance expert? Don't just stand there wanting to join the fun – let us know you exist!

    Do you have a background in insurance or finance and are tired of being limited by the old way of doing things? (Perhaps you're still waiting for an approval since 2012 because of some barriers that don't even make sense to you.)

    Have a look at our open position for people with backgrounds in the nordic insurance industry that want to change the industry with us.

    The recruitment process


    See something that might suit you? Please hit the apply
    button and you’ll get all information needed. If you don’t find the
    perfect match – our open application is always a great option.

    1. Interview
    First things first – meet our People and Performance team that will answer all your questions and fill in any possible blanks. Then you’ll meet someone on your future team – to chat about the role.

    2. Case or code test
    We would love to see your work in action! Depending on what role you're applying to the test will vary. Disclaimer: it won’t be overwhelming.

    3. Meet the founders
    For the grand finale you will meet one of the founders. This is pretty much just for you to truly understand Hedvig and the values it’s built upon. They’re really kind too (no, it’s not one of the founders writing this).


    We require all candidates who make it to the recruiter screening to complete our AlvaLabs Personality and Logic assessment in order to understand your profile better.

    Who we are looking for

    See all open positions

    So why choose Hedvig?

    We get that you do not want to read generic bullet point lists stating why Hedvig is a great place to work. But it might be good to know how we differ from others. And that begins in the very core of our business.

    The business model The most significant difference is that we eliminated the temptation of holding on to our members money instead of paying it back out. In short – we can never earn more by paying out less. That’s why we can compensate our members immediately without having to question their stories. And that’s also why he have ten times happier customers than the industry average.

    In short – we can never earn more by paying out less. That’s why we can compensate our members immediately without having to question their stories. And that’s also why he have ten times happier customers than the industry average.

    A small collection of the geniuses working at Hedvig.

    We’re all in this together Hedvig has a flat organizational structure meaning that you can make a great impact no matter the role your assigned.

    It goes without saying that it’s crucial to have people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and cultures to become a successful company with broad understanding taking on the world and it’s different markets. But even more importantly, equal opportunities and personal growth for all talented people out there.

    John, Lucas and Fredrik – also known as the founders of Hedvig.

    The founder story The journey with Hedvig started in 2017 while our CEO, Lucas, was working as a management consultant at McKinsey. He was sent to do a cost efficiency program for a big insurance company; and even though he knew almost nothing about insurance, he could feel that something wasn’t right.

    He saw ordinary people getting treated as potential criminals, enduring onerous information requests and getting inadequate support in some of life’s most challenging situations – even though they’d been loyal customers for years.

    So together with Fredrik and John, he launched Hedvig, which gave ordinary people access to an unheard of level of service within insurance, to the price of standard coverage – if not less. Unlike other insurance companies, we’re showing that it’s possible to remove the checklists, skip the fights over rights and wrongs, and totally embrace what we believe over what we can prove.

    People ask us all the time if we’re an insurance company, if we’re a tech company, if we’re a startup. The answer to all of that is yes. But above all, we’re a service company – online, offline, or wherever people need us.