Cat Insurance

High compensation · Digital vet calls

Svart katt på bord i köket.

Insurance for you and your cat

Our cat insurance is designed to make life easy for both you and your cat. Choose a high coverage for veterinary care and unlimited digital vet calls. Without binding time.

Cat with cat insurance roaming around at home.

Lots of protection for your cat

Covers veterinary costs, treatments and medicine with up to SEK 160 000 when you choose our Premium insurance. Get reimbursed for everything from dental damage to special investigations of serious illnesses.

Katt på bord i lägenhet.

The right care and reduced deductible

Unlimited digital veterinary visits with FirstVet and an annual health check-up are always included. Get help instantly through your phone or be referred to the right care for your cat. When you start with a call to FirstVet, your deductible is reduced with SEK 1 000 if you are referred to a clinic.

Närbild på en svart katt.

Easy to get. For all cats.

We insure all cats – from kittens to cats with a longer life experience. We also cover previously unknown diseases and hidden defects, and there’s no waiting time if the cat had an equivalent insurance before Hedvig.