Service beyond helping in the moment. Meet Malin Allqvie

14 February 2022

Malin Allqvie

Malin is Hedvig’s Service Director, looking after our Service and Claims teams and setting them up for success to continue to deliver remarkable experiences to our members.

Malin Allqvie spent 9 years living in Sydney, studying business and political science before working with launching and scaling service and operations for Uber Eats in APAC.

How would you define service?

– Essentially, I think it’s about helping people. At Hedvig we want to make getting help and bouncing back from loss as effortless as possible. I think service goes beyond helping in the moment though – one of our main objectives is advocating for our members to make sure their voice is heard and drive improvements to all parts of the member experience, from the app to the insurance terms.

Best service you have ever experienced?

– I love when service is built into the experience, and not something that only happens when things go wrong. My partner is really into food, so when we visited NYC we managed to get a table at Per Se (3 Michelin star restaurant) and that was next level! Everything ran like clockwork, from getting greeted at arrival, to the waiter making an effort to get to know us and all the courses being perfectly timed. And of course the food was amazing!

What do you look for when hunting for talent?

– Someone who is solution oriented and has a growth mindset. In Service it’s important that you don’t get too stuck on problems and everything we can’t do, but rather see opportunities and learn from challenges.

Press contact

Désirée Maurd, Communications Director, Hedvig

Désirée Maurd
Communications Director