Five insights working as Frontend Developer at Hedvig, with Gustav Eén

7 April 2023

Gustav Eén worked as a Web Developer in Stockholm for a decade, before he decided it was time to pack his belongings and move to Åre to pursue another passion of his – snowboarding. Here Gustav shares his learnings from distance working and the importance of valuing your spare time.

01. Pursue your passion

This might sound cliché but at Hedvig that is encouraged. As a frontend-developer-wannabe-designer I can work on things that make me tick, not just following a backlog. This generates great results and motivated employees.

02. Be efficient with your time

Decide what to spend your time on and when to take shortcuts. Start up, scale up - whatever we call ourselves nowadays, we want to move fast and create top shelf user experience. Working in tech, there's a lot to geek out on. Knowing when to build something from scratch or pick a pre-packaged solution is key and takes practice.

03. Working wherever, whenever

Giving people the freedom to form their worklife to suit their lifestyle is the smartest thing a company can do. For me that is working from Åre, spending spare time and lunch breaks outdoors.

04. DIY

By having an award winning design/comms team, in-house built back office system, a first class service team we can be very fast from idea to implementation and get a wide variety of perspectives from within.

05. Enjoy the ride

Hedvig has multiplied in size since I started 3 years ago and that means constant change. I thought of myself as a change averse person but realise I thrive in this environment, when working under the right circumstances.

Press contact

Désirée Maurd, Communications Director, Hedvig

Désirée Maurd
Communications Director