Five tells about the role as a Project Manager at an insurance company, with Sofie Clason

13 February 2023

Meet Sofie Clason, Project Manager at Hedvig. With a background from the world of PR agencies, today, Clason manages the creative in-house team and oversees all marketing productions at Hedvig. Read about how she describes a successful project and how she practices her leadership role.

01. Ownership

– The concept of ownership is so powerful, I think. When the team is given ownership of their work, they tend to get more motivated, engaged and productive. It makes work so much more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

02. What makes me proud

– When I mention Hedvig as my place of work, people become interested and curious, leading to lively conversations about insurance. This makes me proud of my job and the company I work for.

03. From vision to result

– Something I love about working on the client side is that you get to follow the brand’s development on a much deeper level than as a consultant at an agency. There is something incredibly rewarding in being able to follow the development from vision to results and being able to participate and influence along the way, it makes everything so much more fun to invest in.

04. Dive into new areas

– Working as a project manager means being open to leading projects in all areas. By working with different parts of the company and different insurance products, I have been given the opportunity to constantly dive into new areas, which has contributed to constant development, which for me is the key to never getting tired of what I do.

05. Proper planning

– I think the key to a successful project is proper planning and assigning ownership to everyone involved and having fun together along the way. Be serious, but laugh a lot – it will shine through the results, I promise!

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Désirée Maurd
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