(di)vision AW23 show insured by Hedvig during CPHFW

2 February 2023

Insurance company Hedvig and fashion brand (di)vision have joined forces in a collaboration around (di)vision's AW23 collection and show, called Dressed for Disaster.

The two brands share a common approach to life: make the most out of your living days, or die regretting. The approach can be translated into celebrating everyday objects that have a story of living life to its fullest.

Digital insurance company Hedvig launched in Denmark in 2021 and have turned their lifestyle approach to insurance into physical events in Copenhagen ever since, including the Hedvig Goods store and participation in 3 Days of Design. This time around, Hedvig steps into the world of fashion by collaborating with (di)vision, the hyped Danish fashion brand.

(di)vision was founded in 2018 and within four years, (di)vision has become a major Copenhagen Fashion Week draw, and their success has made room for a new generation and a new attitude of what Nordic fashion can be. Since the launch, the brand has caught the attention of famous fashion lovers such as Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner, Pusha T and Bruna Marquezine.

The (di)vision FW23 “Dressed for Disaster” show in collaboration with Hedvig invited the guests to a setting of a gala party that has already been, trashed and stained, where the collection’s references to the early 00’s youth culture clashed with the highbrow surroundings of Josty, a classic Copenhagen venue.

The experience of the show explored the contrast between the beauty and the chaos and finding comfort in what’s left behind – something that resonates very well with Hedvig’s brand.

“The FW23 show represents the mindset of a typical twenty-something-youth. Living as a young adult is a constant balance between feeling free, doing whatever you want and the pressure to grow up, which I believe Hedvig makes a lot more easier. The capsule collection forces the viewer to think in new ways and find beauty in something that previously was seen as broken or trashed.” Simon Wick, Co-founder and Creative Director at (di)vision

Designer James Wick, Division.

“The (di)vision brand and show rhymes well with the Hedvig way of flipping perspectives and living a life without unnecessary worry or fear. With the right mindset, and insurance, you can look at something that is trashed or stained as an artifact of a great party, instead of an accident.” Petter Swanberg, Creative Director at Hedvig

The red wine stained pattern adorn a range of unisex garments, all handmade in the Copenhagen based (di)vision atelier – an oversized shirt, high waisted shorts, loose drawstring trousers, a short sleeved shirt and a padded shoulder bag.

Fashion show in Copenhagen, Division.

The pieces are hand-sewn and one of a kind, made in (di)vision’s atelier in Copenhagen. After the show, selected pieces from the set design will be turned into a capsule collection from Hedvig & (di)vision.

Press contact

Désirée Maurd, Communications Director, Hedvig

Désirée Maurd
Communications Director