Billboards Inside of People’s Homes – Hedvig Introduces a New Advertising Format for the Pandemic Era

10 February 2021

Student på soffa med reklam i bakgrunden.

Hedvig, the Swedish neo insurer operating in Sweden and Norway, is launching a new advertising format in order to reach students, one of the company’s core target groups. The new format is a concept for a time when the private has become public: billboards for home insurance, inside real homes.

Media spend on traditional advertising dropped significantly when the coronavirus started spreading over the world. One of the formats that took the hardest hit when people started staying at home was outdoor advertising. Many countries, including the Nordics, are still battling with the second wave of the virus. The current situation made the creative team at Hedvig come up with the opposite outdoor advertising - billboards inside of people’s homes.

– We live in a time where our everyday lives are spent behind closed doors, at the same time our homes have become public through digital meetings. This campaign is for a generation that grew up with ad-blocks, but at the same time has a more open approach to advertising than older generations. This ad is not trying to trick you – it’s straightforward. Hopefully it will get attention through Zoom and Facetime as well as through the window curtains, says Sofia Gustafsson, art director at Hedvig.

Hedvig was launched in Sweden in 2018 and in Norway two years later. Hedvig’s approach to insurance differs from the traditional insurance companies that have been around for hundreds of years. With a big focus on user experience and service based on mutual trust, Hedvig has attracted close to 50 000 members in Sweden and Norway, making Hedvig one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the region. In 2021, Hedvig is launching in Denmark, with the goal set on further expansion in Europe.

The billboards have been placed in student homes in selected university cities in Sweden and Norway.

– When I first heard about this concept I instantly thought it was an interesting approach to marketing during a pandemic. I find it exciting to be part of the campaign and explore how this could be a new and updated take on more traditional advertising, says Theodor Woelfer, 23, student in Lund, Sweden.

Press contact

Désirée Maurd, Communications Director, Hedvig

Désirée Maurd
Communications Director