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    Claims solved within minutes

    The traditional claims process is slow and inefficient. Paperwork. Phone queues. Filling out forms. At Hedvig, your personal service team solves your claims within minutes.

    Our service team. Available weekdays 9-22, or weekends 10-22

    6 min

    Average response time

    195 s

    Fastest claims handling


    Our claims rating

    Get help without lifting
    a finger, ever again

    Make a claim anytime, anywhere.

    Our claims process is fully digital, It only takes minutes to report your claim in the Hedvig app from anywhere in the world.

    Get instant help

    For the simplest of claims, we settle the claim the same day. When your claim is approved, we’ll make a payment directly into your account. For larger claims, your service team will work around the clock.

    Follow your claim

    Receive notifications when something happens, and chat with your service team representative in the Hedvig app.


    Do good by doing nothing

    We have eliminated the temptation of holding on to your money instead of paying it back out. 75% of your premium goes to covering our members' claims. The remaining 25% goes to improving our insurance and making the experience effortless. At the end of the year, the money that is left is donated to WeShelter – an organization working to aid homelessness in Denmark.

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