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    Travel Insurance

    Going somewhere? Then our travel insurance is the perfect companion. Covering yourself, your family and your luggage, it gives you complete peace of mind while you’re on the move.

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    Generous service while traveling

    Our travel insurance covers you, your family, and your luggage on trips in Denmark or abroad. It’s a great complement to our home insurance, for that extra peace of mind when traveling.

    Comprehensive protection without deductible

    Coverage for canceled trips, lost vacation days, delayed luggage, inbound and outbound delays, and much more. If the damage is covered, you will not have to pay out of pocket. And there is no deductible.

    60-day worldwide travel insurance

    Great for short trips, weekend trips, single-and-ready-to-mingle trips, family trips, and back-to-your-roots trips. For a 60-day period you and all co-insured persons are covered, no matter where you are.

    Everything covered by travel insurance

    60 travel days
    Travel delay compensation
    5000 DKK/person
    Cancellation protection
    75,000 DKK/household
    Delayed luggage
    5000 DKK/person
    Terms & Conditions (da) Product Information (da)
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    The perfect supplement to your home insurance

    Add travel insurance to your home insurance policy whenever you want. Upgrading your coverage in the app is quick and easy — and gives you peace of mind both at home and abroad.

    Travel insurance FAQ

    Peace of mind while traveling

    Get real help from real people within minutes — wherever in the world you are.

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