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    The Hedvig Community

    Real members, real people, beautiful homes. Scroll to find interior inspiration, reviews, press, and why tens of thousands of people choose Hedvig.

    “No matter where or what, Hedvig will help me fast”

    I’m very inspired by architecture and sculptural things and I love mixing different time periods and styles. My best styling tip is definitely flowers, it makes every room light up. What I like most about Hedvig is that no matter where or what, I know they will help me fast.

    – Tine Andrea
    @tineandreaa ↗

    “Hedvig covers both my home and my beloved collection of sneakers”

    I just moved and I feel so inspired to have a new space. I’m looking forward to fill it with stuff that represents me and my style, preferably a lot of vintage goods, like the Vernor Panton dining chairs I just bought. Having Hedvig makes it feel even better, knowing I can throw parties (when possible) without having to worry.

    – Ida Broen
    @idabroen ↗

    Get 2 free months of Hedvig

    Use any of our members codes - tineandrea, nnennaechem or darjabarannik - when signing up for Hedvig and you’ll get two months free insurance. Offer valid until January 31, 2021.

    “I can keep being a hot mess and Hedvig got my back”

    I lived for 23 years without having insurance, because I’m lazy and frankly it didn’t even really cross my mind? But I am happy that I have Hedvig because it means I can keep being a hot mess and they still got my back :-)

    – Sara Helleberg
    @sarahelleberg ↗

    “Hedvig makes life so safe and easy”

    "In September, I bought an attic apartment in Bakklandet, which I have decorated with classic and unique furniture. Being fully insured through Hedvig's contents insurance makes me feel safe."

    – Guri Heli
    @guriheli ↗


    “I have never experienced service like Hedvig’s"

    – Anne-Bente, Kristianstad

    “I got help in seconds, and I was paid the same day”

    – Cassandra, Bytt.no

    "Absolutely fantastic service out of this world"

    – Trond, Bytt.no

    “My home is a mix between an apartment and a flower shop“

    I always try to be as colourful in my decorating as I am in my outfits. It makes me happy – and I think others get happy by it too. To me, the greatest thing with Hedvig is that I don’t have to think about it. If something happens, I know I will get help fast, so I can continue doing what I love.

    – Nnenna Echem
    @nnennaechem ↗

    "If something would happen, Hedvig will help me"

    I just renovated my home, and piece by piece everything is coming together. It sure is a process. So it feels great knowing that someone is looking after it and if something would happen, Hedvig will help me.

    Malina Kragmann
    @malinakragmann ↗

    Hedvig reimbursed an Apple Watch that was lost at the airport so quickly that the customer could buy a new one as he got out of the security checkpoint walking into the tax-free at the airport