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    Get youth discount

    Youth & Student Insurance

    All the protection you need, for a lower price. Insurance for those under 30 years with a living area smaller than 50 sqm.

    Get youth discount

    Not your dad's
    insurance company

    Digital insurance company

    With Hedvig, you can get concierge service and hassle-free insurance, all at your fingertips. Make a claim 24/7 in the Hedvig app.

    Instant help

    Your very own service team handles your claims, answers your questions, and gives you unlimited expert help. Record your claim from anywhere in the world directly in the app.

    Excess goes to charity

    If there’s money left in our pockets at the end of the year, we donate it to charity.


    Your belongings are covered for
    500 000 NOK
    Bicycle, electric bike and electric scooter
    25 000 NOK
    Deductible for all-risk claims
    1 500 NOK
    Medical expenses are covered up to
    Full price
    Baggage is covered up to
    30 000 NOK
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    Get youth discount

    Trustpilot rating: Excellent

    Hedvig has an ‘Excellent’ rating from Trustpilot with 4,8/5 stars based on 1000+ reviews.

    iOS app rating: 4,7/5 stars

    Based on 1000+ reviews, Hedvig might be the best insurance app people have ever used.

    Claims rating: 4,7/5 stars

    Based on 3500+ reviews written by our customers after filing a claim.

    Home Insurance

    For you, your home and your belongings.

    → Fire, Water Damage plus much more

    → Coverage up to 1.000.000 NOK

    → All-risk is always included

    Home & Travel

    A combination of Home and Travel Insurance. For you, your home and your belongings both at home and outside the home.

    → Medical expenses are covered up to full price

    → Cancellation insurance up to 45.000 NOK

    → Travel insurance valid for 75 days per trip

    Beauty products are now included in our home insurance

    Hedvig is the first insurance company to give beauty products the value they deserve. If the product was bought within the last six months you’ll get 100% back.

    5 most common quoestions

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    instant help with Hedvig

    Get youth discount