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    House insurance

    Enjoy the freedom of living in a house and creating a safe home with our house insurance. Covers both your house and your plot, to its full value. No paperwork, no waiting on hold — and no lock-in period.

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    A generous house insurance

    Extensive protection

    The house insurance covers both your house and your plot. Also during renovation or extension.

    All-risk insurance included

    The all-risk insurance covers sudden damage of your house up to 100,000 NOK.

    Water leaks, fire, storms, and more

    Comprehensive protection and quick claims handling. At your service until 20:00 every day.

    House Insurance Coverage

    Houses and plot
    Insured to full value
    Reconstruction or extension
    Protection included
    Sudden damage to the house
    100,000 NOK per claim
    1,500 NOK
    Terms & Conditions (no) Product information (no)Pre-purchase information (no)
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    Smooth. Digital. Dependable.

    Our house insurance lets you enjoy the freedom of living in a house, while feeling safe and secure in your home. The insurance, which protects both your house and plot, covers water damage, fire, natural damage, and much more. All-risk insurance applies — up to 100,000 NOK for the house, and 30,000 NOK for the plot or other building on the property. Quick personal help until 20:00 every day. Cancel anytime.

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