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    Accident insurance

    Enjoy peace of mind with our accident insurance — providing
    compensation if you or a family member is in an accident.

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    Great coverage in case of accidents

    Peace of mind in and out of your home

    Since many injuries are sustained outside the home, Hedvig’s accident insurance applies anytime, anywhere, to all co-insured persons — for only 49 NOK/month per person.

    Comprehensive coverage

    Enjoy deductible-free compensation for hospital stays, dental injuries, rehabilitation, therapy, and much more. This insurance also covers permanent injuries that affect your work and quality of life.

    Hassle-free claims process. Fast payouts.

    Your personal service team is on stand-by, solving your claims within minutes so that you can go back to living your life.

    What accident insurance covers

    Covers injuries for up to
    1,000,000 NOK
    Coverage for up to
    6 people
    Dental injuries covered up to
    20,000 NOK
    Terms & Conditions (no)Product information (no)
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    Adapted to
    adventurous living

    Hedvig’s accident insurance is the perfect fit for those who love action sports. Its generous coverage applies when mountain biking, skiing off-piste, climbing, or bungee jumping — to name just a few sports. You can read more about which sports are covered in our terms & conditions.

    Protects what’s most important

    If you injure your knee when biking, you’re covered. If you need to talk to a therapist, this insurance can help you out. If a large or small accident occurs in your free time, you’re taken of. In other words, our accident insurance protects the most important thing in life — you.

    Already a member?

    The accident insurance policy will be activated immediately when you add it in the Hedvig-app. The small price increase is added to your current monthly price. Feel free to chat with us in the app if you have any further questions.

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    Peace of mind for
    you and your family

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