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    All the coverage you need at your fingertips. Concierge service with
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    Home Contents

    For you, your home and your belongings. The all-risk insurance covers accidental damages on your smartphone, toaster, furniture, TV, or bike to name a few things.

    → Fire, Water Damage plus much more

    → Coverage up to 1.000.000 NOK

    → All-risk is always included

    House Insurance

    A modern and generous insurance for your house.

    Student Insurance

    All the protection you need, at a lower price, for students under 31 years with a living area smaller than 250 sqm.

    Travel Insurance

    → Medical expenses are covered up to full price

    → Cancellation insurance up to 45.000 NOK

    → Travel insurance valid for 75 days per trip

    Accident Insurance

    Extensive coverage and compensation in case of accidents.

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