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    Hedvig Combo

    Combined travel and home insurance, which applies
    whether you are at home or traveling abroad.

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    Coverage included in Hedvig Combo

    Property insurance

    Always with Hedvig

    All the protection you need for you, your apartment and your things.

    Comprehensive protection when you're away from home.

    Get a 25% discount when you sign up for Hedvig Combo.

    Your belongings are covered for
    500 000 NOK
    ID theft protection
    100 000 NOK
    Deductible for all-risk claims
    2000 NOK
    Medical expenses are covered up to
    Full price
    Luggage is insured for
    15 000 NOK
    Luggage for 1 person is insured for
    5 000 NOK
    Terms & Conditions
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    Save up to 20%

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