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It’s the perfect time in history to change history.

We want to change what insurance means by eliminating all the hassle, greed and doubt usually associated with the insurance industry.

It’s time to be nice for a change.

By changing business model we change lives.

We don’t want to keep your money. It either goes back to you or your chosen charity. We take a flat fee for our services, take care of our members and if there’s anything left we help the world.

Before Hedvig, insurance was just insurance.

Only dial tones, empty words and broken promises. One company has changed that – Hedvig. Now you get way more than big insurances’ deal without big insurance’s big headaches.

Niceness is contagious.

We believe niceness is contagious. It’s spreads like a virus - a good one. A wave on the subway can lead to a better day. A helping hand can get someone back on their feet. A positive message at school can inspire a new generation. It’s the perfect time in history to change history.

You deserve better.

We believe you deserve better than big’ old insurance and we’ll fight against sneaky bad behaviour – to create a world where people help others get back on their feet. We promise you not to walk down the same path as big conservative companies. We are the nice alternative and we want you to be able to tell us apart from the rest.

Always members first.

We believe we should always put our members at the center of everything we do, and while doing so never becoming like our parents. We promise you an insane satisfaction level. This is why The Hedvig App is half human, half amazing. And why we have eradicated useless experiences (of all sorts).

Next level safety.

Hedvig is reinsured by HDI Global Specialty SE, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. You can't get much safer than that.