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Community is at the heart of insurance.

Our users help decide our next features, test our app and give us constant feedback so we can build an insurance we all love. Sounds fun, right?

Let's build incredible insurance, together.

An insurance that you use regularly, strange right?

That's exactly what we want to build. Let us know what features we should prioritise, see what ideas we have and what services we're looking to add.

Come build the insurance of the future.

Help decide our next features

We want to build insurance features that you'll use. One that will help you when you need it. Come tell us what you'd like.

Giving back to your community

Helping others is what we're about. And part of that means giving to a greater good. Come learn more and help shape how we give back.

Totally transparent

Where does your money go? How do we decide claims? Want to dig into our code? Let's be open about it.

Have questions? Get answers.

Our community members and employees are always eager to hear your questions and help you get answers.

Want details about your insurance or to let us know about bugs in the app? Dive in and ask. Don't be shy.

Let's build it together

We look forward to hearing from you and helping us build the insurance that you want.