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Year in Hedvig 2018

As 2018 comes to a close I wanted to take a few minutes to sit back and reflect on what this year has meant for Hedvig and for insurance in Sweden. And what a year it’s been.

We started off the year very humbly. No finished product. No office or big team. No insurance provider. No members! And while 12 months in the history of insurance might be barely a drop in the bucket, we’ve managed to achieve an awful lot in that time. In February we signed re-insurance agreement to allow us to officially onboard our first member (hi Matilda!) 👋 In early May we officially launched, bringing Sweden its first app-based, no fixed contract, no conflict-of-interest insurance. Then just a few days later we had our first claim filed and helped a member replace a mobile phone which they’d lost. This was a huge milestone for us since then launch we've had nothing but exponential growth.

In June we presented our story at the Brilliant Minds Symposium in Stockholm where CEOs and top investors from around the world gathered. Lucas dazzled the crowd by showing off just how easy and quick a claim can be when done right.

And shortly after that we were named one of Europe's Hottest Startups of 2018. 🚀 After coming back from much-needed summer holidays we quickly rolled out our Student Program to give Swedish University students the easiest, most-flexible and affordable home and rental insurance. We hit campuses across the country to get the word out and students quickly became one of our biggest markets. As we moved into the fall we were proud to announce that we’d secured a round of funding led by Cherry Ventures which helped enable us to grow our wonderful team to the point where we are 20+ people recruited from some of Sweden's top tech companies, who are all working to bring you the most remarkable insurance experience possible. And just the other day we launched the first (as far as we know!) open insurance community where our members will now have a say in how their insurance is built and provide us with continuous feedback. As we end this amazing year we think 2019 will be even better for Hedvig, for the insurance industry and for our members.

We have big plans to expand our service past apartments into new insurance areas. We’re actively planning to expand Hedvig across Europe. And we’re working tirelessly to add more and more value and features to your existing insurance and app experience.

We can’t wait to show it all off.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Hedvig! 🎄

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