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We've got your back. Seriously!

Andres Sehr
12 april 2019
Andres Sehr

Insurance is built upon trust. You trust an insurance company with you money with the expectation that when something goes wrong they’ll be there for you.

On the flip side your insurer trusts that you’ll be honest and forthcoming when you are making a claim. So why does it often feel like we’re being interrogated or made out to the “bad guy” when making a claim? Why do we have to bend over backwards to prove that something went wrong?

It’s because the trust has been lost from old insurance industry. And that’s what Hedvig is fixing.

Our default is to always trust our members. We don’t benefit in any way if we withhold a claim. In fact, should someone abuse our trust they’re actually taking money from potential charitable partners, not Hedvig.

“In fact, should someone abuse our trust they’re actually taking money from potential charitable partners, not Hedvig.”

Let me give you an example of how this plays out in real life. The other week one of our members had a large bag go missing which included items such as clothes, electronics and most importantly his school textbooks. Exams were just a few days away and he was left without his most important study aids. Now most insurers would make you jump through numerous hoops and time-consuming steps to get paid so that you can replace those books.

But since our default is to always trust our members first we paid his claim out right away so that he could go and get replacement textbooks and not miss a minute of studying.

And guess what - a week later his bag was found and he contacted us offering to repay the claim amount.

This is exactly how insurance was always meant to work. You trust us, we trust you and in the end you can sleep well at night knowing that we’re covered. Goodnight.

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