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Valborg – beer, parties, spring… insurance?

Margarita Kradjian
10 maj 2019
Margarita Kradjian

As a student could there be anything further from your mind than insurance on Valborg?

Insurance is associated with something negative, something gone wrong. We really wanted to turn that around by celebrating something positive – that spring’s here!

Together with student fraternities at Lund and Uppsala University, Hedvig arranged parties during the Walpurgis week (also known as: Valborg). To show off how easy and fun digital insurance can be, we asked students to make a claim for their party ticket. Every person who successfully claimed their ticket got a refund of 300 SEK and could spend their money on something else.

Especially at an event like a student party, we didn’t want you to feel worried about eventually losing your personal belongings. Even if you would drop your new bag or jacket it shouldn’t feel like the World’s End. And that’s why we’re here – to help you out, so you can have fun and live a little.


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