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Why we’re fighting for a more honest world

What does this look like to you? A bill, right? Probably something you’d pay without thinking about too carefully?

Img Sadly, it’s not. It’s an attempt from one of the old insurers to avoid losing a customer to Hedvig. This comes straight from a Hedvig member who cancelled their old policy months ago to join us. If he were to pay this “bill” he’d be locked back into the old insurance for another year.

Traditional insurers regularly use these types of tactics to “trick” people into paying even though they’ve made it clear they no longer want their service.

We think this is terrible for consumers and a big part of why Hedvig has no fixed contract length. We want to create a fair and ethical industry where the only way to keep a customer is by providing great service, not by using dishonest billing tricks.

Hopefully we can push other insurers to follow our lead. There is no reason that these types of tactics should be used by any company. Let people freely choose who they do business with. And stop trying to fool people into paying.

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