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How Hedvig turned 3 weeks into 3 minutes

A few weeks back our member Alex was in a place we’re all familiar with – the airport security line. He placed his belongings on the security belt and watched them go through the x-ray machine. After being slowed down by all the people in front of him to get through the metal detector he finally got to his possessions and noticed that his fairly new Apple Watch was gone.

After a discussion and search with the staff it became apparent that someone took advantage of the short window where his stuff was alone to walk off with his watch.

Not a great way to start a trip.


That’s where Hedvig came in. Alex pulled out his phone, opened up Hedvig and submitted a claim by recording a short message explaining what had happened. Since Hedvig insurance covers theft and the watch was quite new it was super easy and super fast for us to handle the claim.

So fast in fact, Alex had money in his account less than 5 minutes after going through security. Giving him enough time to visit one the of the ever-present electronics stores that every airport has and buy the exact same model of watch.

So before his flight even took off, he was back in action with a brand new watch on his wrist.

Now contrast that with traditional insurance as we know it. Alex would have been lucky to get through the phone queue in 3 minutes with his old insurer, let alone have money in the bank. There’s no reason insurance should be so hard, so slow and so painful. With Hedvig, it isn’t.

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