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Hedvig partners up with SEB to bring its nice insurance to the masses

Hedvig and SEB are excited to announce that we’ve joined forces to help spread our nice insurance movement to a much wider audience with a spectacular offer for SEB clients.

This partnership is a first big step at opening up how insurance is provided, for any app or website, making it easy for businesses to start delivering new and incredible customer experiences and outstanding service and giving consumers access to the insurance they need, exactly when they need it.

To integrate Hedvig we have developed a whole set of new tools and APIs to sell really nice digital insurance. It has never been easier for you to integrate a beautiful insurance onboarding experience, right into your own flows, with just a few clicks.


SEB, our first major partner, just integrated Hedvig into their flows to reach a younger audience and to increase the value of their offering. This is just the first in many exciting upcoming partnerships.

Read more details about their offer at and reach out to us at am if you’re interested in adding the best insurance experience to your business.

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