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What the f#ck is home insurance?!

Andres Sehr
28 mars 2019
Andres Sehr

This is the first entry in our new series Hedvig Academy where we try and simplify and demystify the complex world of insurance. If you have questions about insurance feel free to reach out and we’ll address them here. One of the most common questions we get is what exactly does home insurance cover? Most people think it’s mostly about covering fire or water damage in your home. But in Sweden, home insurance is actually a very comprehensive product.

So what do you get when you sign up to Hedvig’s home insurance?
Well first of all we protect your home. That means we do protect from fire and water damage. But also storm damage, or if you’ve had a burglary or accident. Or even if one of your appliances breaks suddenly.

🏠 Supplementary Condo Insurance
If you own your apartment home insurance covers the apartment itself and not just the gadgets that are in it. This covers damage to fixtures (such as your new kitchen) and surfaces (newly fixed floors, ceilings or walls). If you have told Hedvig that you own your apartment, the condominium supplement is automatically included.

🔥 Fire Damage
If there is a fire or smoke damage in your apartment or your building you’re covered.

💣 Burglary & vandalism
Nothing worse than coming home and someone else has been there! Hedvig covers your home for any stolen goods or damage done to your house.

💧Water Damage
Broken pipe or dishwasher overflow and flood you and your downstairs neighbours apartment? We’ve got that covered.

🔌 Appliances
Power surge blow your washing machine or your expensive new TV get pushed over at a party? Hedvig replaces damage to your appliances.

🌪 Storm
A powerful storm take its toll on your apartment or flood your basement storage? Your home insurance would cover it.

📱 All Risk
Crack your super expensive phone screen? Drop your laptor from the table. All Risk insurance covers replacement or repair.

Legal disputes
If for some reason you find yourself in court and have unexpected legal costs, or if you’re required to pay damages to someone else your home insurance would cover some of those costs.

🗣 Assault
Home insurance also protects you personally. If someone were to assault your or rob you, you will be compensated with a fixed amount.

🤕 Travel disturbance & illness traveling
One of the best features of home insurance is the travel and illness protection. If you get sick or injured while on a trip or have to cancel a trip due to illness we’ve got you covered. We’d arrange to bring you home if it’s an emergency. We’re also there for you if your luggage goes missing and more.

It’s hard to spell out each and every possibility where your insurance could help - but that’s why we’re here for you. Just open up the app and ask away if you’re ever in doubt if something is covered. No need to dig through the fine print details, we can help.

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