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There are how many types of insurance!?

Andres Sehr
04 april 2019
Andres Sehr

There are limitless uses for insurance. People have bought insurance to protect against alien abduction. Celebrities have insured their hands, hair and even tongues. And wealthy people often take out kidnap and ransom insurance. But what types of insurance does the average Swedish consumer buy and need to consider?

🏠 House and apartment insurance - Hem- och villaförsäkring
This is the king and queen of insurance in Sweden. 99% of home or apartment owners in Sweden have insurance and 94% of renters do. It’s what we at Hedvig offer and it’s an extremely comprehensive in it’s coverage.

🚖 Car Insurance - Bilförsäkring
There are about 4.8 million cars in Sweden and in order to legally drive one the car must have traffic insurance. You can also insure your car for damage or theft or legal expenses that might arise from an accident. The type of car your drive and your own driving record can have a large impact on the cost and type of coverage to get.

🚤 Motorcycle, boat and other vehicles - Mc, båt och övriga fordon
Have a Harley, houseboat or a camper van? Any of those should be insured against theft, damage or accidents. As with car insurance pretty much any vehicle with a motor is required by law to have proper insurance when in use.

🤕 Accident insurance - Olycksfallsförsäkring
Clumsy and tend to get hurt often? Worried about what might happen if you get injured and can’t work for awhile? Then accident insurance is what you need. It covers bodily harm, dental care and you can often choose the amount of insurance you think you’ll need.

Img 🤰🏻Maternity insurance - Gravidförsäkring
Yay, congrats, you’re pregnant. You may want to consider additional insurance that covers you if you require an extended hospital stay. Or if your child is diagnosed with certain congenital disorders you can receive compensation. There’s even insurance for your partner should either of you require counseling or assistance.

🦄 Pet insurance - Djurförsäkring
Insurance isn’t just for people or things! Little Sparky or Rufus also deserve the best. Which is why pet insurance is one of the fastest growing areas of insurance. Get coverage for your beloved animals if they get hurt or ill and need veterinary care.

👴🏼 Life Insurance - Livförsäkring
If you’re looking to provide security for your partner and family should you die prematurely then life insurance is for you. Your beneficiary will get a cash payment should something terrible happen to you.

👶🏻 Child insurance - Barnförsäkring
We all want the best for our kids and child insurance is one way of providing it. This insurance can help cover things such as taking care of scars or dental damage if your child falls and hurts themselves. If they suffer a more serious disability they can also receive lifetime support with this insurance.

🌴 Extra Travel Insurance - Utökad reseförsäkring
If you have home insurance then your travel needs are covered for up to 45 days. But who amongst us doesn’t want to spend an extended vacation abroad? In that case you’d need to top up your insurance to ensure that you’re covered the whole time you’re away.

This is a short summary of most of the major types of insurance that people need to think about potentially adding in their lives. It’s always important to read up the fine details (or ask Hedvig in app!) to see exactly what coverage you need, what you have and what you want to get.

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