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Introducing the World’s First Avocado Insurance

Margarita Kradjian
01 april 2019
Margarita Kradjian

There’s nothing that can ruin a great brunch or bowl of nachos faster than a brown, overripe avocado. We’ve all been there. You cut into a nice looking avocado waiting to make a mouth-watering toast or delicious guacamole. Only to be greeted by a brown, soft mess of an inside.

Up until now there’s been virtually nothing you can do about such a disaster. Traditional insurance providers have made insurance too confusing and complex to use. High deductibles and difficult to navigate claims processes means that real, everyday problems don’t get the help they need. Today that all changes as Hedvig introduces the world’s first Avocado Insurance.

“Today that all changes as Hedvig introduces the world’s first Avocado Insurance.”

From today, April 1st, until the end of the month Hedvig will Swish you 10 SEK compensation if you’ve bought a bad avocado. To file your claim post a picture or video on Instagram tagging @hedvig.app and using the hashtag #hedvicado. We will DM you with details on how to get the payment.

Existing Hedvig members can also post a picture directly into the Hedvig app to receive reimbursement.


“At Hedvig we’re always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what insurance should be and how we can help our users with common, everyday problems. Insurance shouldn’t only be about once a decade problems, we can help people in their daily lives” says Hedvig’s Chief Avocado Officer Fredrik Fors. “By tackling one of the largest kitchen crises we know of, we can bring more and more value to our existing and future members. And seriously – no one likes brown avocados”.

About Hedvig
One claim per person/Instagram account, available only to residents of Sweden. Hedvig reserves the right to decide if an avocado is brown enough to pay out compensation and to terminate avocado insurance coverage at any time.

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